Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Fairy- FTU Tut

I used Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 and Eye Candy 5.
This beautiful Spring kit is ftu and created by "Laurie Made Me Scraps". It is called "A walk in the woods" and you can get it HERE.
The cute  yet naughty tube in this tag is by Scarlet Gothica . This is one of her FTU tubes; however, I am not authorized to share this tube. I received it in a yahoo group I am in called "Dragon's Lair Tubes" and you can join HERE
I have provided a layout to this tag in my supplies and you can get it HERE.

Open up the supplies I have provided for you.
Delete the copyright layer.
Select the tube you want to use and insert it in to the tag.
Copy your tube and paste as a new layer. 
Mirror and Resize about 200% or what ever looks best according to your tube.
Place this new layer right beneath the frame raster but on top of the background elements.
Effects-> Artistic Effect-> Sepia Toning
Then drop the raster opacity to 65.
Convert you Name vector to a raster layer.
And which ever font you decided to use.... apply EyeCandy 5 Bevel to it using these settings.

Now you are done!!!! I hpe you enjoyed!!!! If you have tried my tut, I would appreciate it if you would share with me your result! I always love to see who is trying out my tuts... just email me at . Thanks guys!!!


  1. A walk in the woods please help me locate this Scrap Kit......

  2. Wow! Tried to get the Scrapkit from Laurie Made Me Scraps and i get a message, "permission denied" *?* NOT COOL!