Friday, April 22, 2011

Season of Change- FTU Tut

Ok guys sorry it took so long... I have been BUSY! LOL But I got a 3 day weekend this week! YAY!!! So here we go!

I created this using Paint Pro Shop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop 3.
The tube used is by Zindy Nielsen. You can buy her beautiful artwork and get a license HERE.
This scrapkit was created by Sky at "Sky's the limit scraps". She has ALOT of gorgeous, free kits. You can it the kit I used HERE
I have had this mask for a little bit and cannot remember for the life where I got it... So if you know please email me and let me knnow. Thx
This tut has an animation in the background so I have provided a supplies folder for you to download to make it alot more convenient. It contains the animation and a template of this tag. You can download it HERE.

Ok this tut is going to be VERY basic. I did this tag weeks ago and can't remember all the exacts.

Select your tag and place it in the template provided. Copy it then past as a new layer. Resize about 150% and mirror.
Use magic wand to select inside of the frames.
Selections Invert.
Move the tube inside the frames and delete excess tube. 
Change opacity of the raster to 50.
Now put your copyright and name on it.
Layers-> View-> None
De-select the background and mask rasters  
Copy Merged

Open Animation Shop. 
Pasted as a new animation.
Crt+L (add frames until there are total of 16 frames)
You want there to be 16 frames total because the pink puff animation provided as 16 frames.

Open up the pink puff animation provided. 
Select All and Copy

Back to the animation that you just did with the background and mask. 
Select All
*Make sure "Propogate Paste" is selected*
Then "Pasted into Selected Frames"

Do this 3 Times and place them like they are in the screenshot.

Now go back to PSP and View all and EXCEPT for the background and mask raster.
Copy Merged

Back to Animation Shop.
Select the animation that you have put together... 
Copy and Paste

Your animation is now complete!!!!

I Hope ya'll enjoyed!!!!! If ya'll make one I would love to see your creations!
Just email me them to my email at

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  1. Hi Hun
    Just letting you know that the mask you used in this tut is mine I made it in a psp class it was a lesson lol
    Also wanted to tell you the Fairy tag is beautiful and ty for
    crediting the kit to me lauriemademescraps.blogspot
    but if you would please take a look at my tou I would appreciate it hun ty for your interest in my kits and masks
    since you are just starting out it would be a good idea if you read the scrappers tou before making templates for dl hun
    ty again and the tag is beautiful love the tube you used for it!:) if you would change your tut and send them to my blog to dl the kit instead of offering a temp from my kit i will post it on my blog and send people to your blog to try your tutorials!:)