Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"End of Eternity"- FTU Tut

I used Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 along with Filters Unlimited 2.
I used a dear friend’s FTU Scrapkit in this tut. Her name is Jenny and you can get the kit called “Heaven” on her blog HERE.
The tube used is by one of my favorite artist Zindy Neilson and you can purchase it and a license number HERE.
I am not sure whose mask I am using so if you know please email me and let me know so I can give them proper credit.
I have also included a template of this tut along with the up close screenshot and you can download it HERE.

Ok I am writing this for someone who has working knowledge of PSP and who has downloaded and is using the template provided.
Select you tube that you wish to use. If you using the same tube I used then resize it by 80%, copy, and paste it between the “back elements” and “top elements”. Adjust-> Sharpen
Add drop shadow with settings 4, 4, 50, 4.
Now go to the original tube with its original size and resize it at 200%. Copy it and paste it on top of the “Back elements”.
Center the tubes face on top of the clock.
Change the opacity of the large tube (centered in the clock) to 50.
Use the freehand selection tool to trace around the outside of the clock.
Selections-> invert and delete the excess of the tube outside of the clock.
Now “merge visible”
This kit does not normally come in black and white, but in color. So to make it black and white…
Effects-> Filters Unlimited 2-> Color Effects-> Grayscale
Then Effects-> Filters Unlimited

Now add you copy right and Name and you are Done!
Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to email me your creations, I would LOVE to add it to my blog J

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