Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Black Train"-FTU Tut

In this tut, I chose to reuse one of my favorite tubes from Zindy Neilson, and you can purchase it HERE.
The amazing scrapkit I am using is a FTU and called “Beloved Memory” offered by Kara at “Sweet Cravings Scraps”. You can find it on her blog HERE.
I am not sure about the mask so if you are aware of whose it is please email me so I may give them the proper credit J
I have also supplied a template of this tag and screenshots. You can get it HERE.

If you are using the same tube… Resize it 85%.
Add drop shadow (4,4,50,4)
Select the frame raster and use the magic wand to select the inside of the frame.
Copy your tube and Paste beneath the frame raster and place it accordingly.
Selections->invert-> delete any extra part of the tube outside the frame.
Now Paste the tube again on top of the frame raster.
Lower the opacity of the top tube to about 30 (so that you can see the frame underneath) and maneuver it so that both tubes line up exactly.
Use your freehand selection tool, and delete any parts outside of the frame except the hand and hair.
Then raise the opacity of the tube to 80.
Add your name and copyright.
Now we are going to animate this tag!
Select the train raster.
Use the freehand selection tool to draw a small oval toward the top of the train’s smoke stack.
Effects-> EyeCandy 5-> Nature-> Smoke

Copy Merge
Animation Shop (A.S.)
Paste as a new animation
Back to PSP
1.       Undo Last effect and redo it, but select “random speed”.
Copy Merged
2.       Ctr+L (to add a new frame to animation)
Repeat 1-2 until there are 6 frames
Edit->Select all
Frame Properites…15
Now you are ready to animate!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy!!!
Feel free to send me any tags you create and I will add them to my blog J

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