Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Beach Somewhere- FTU Tut


Ok so I am SICK AND TIRED of WINTER! lol So I decided to do this tut and dream about warming up a little.
The tube I used is by Anna Marine. I saw it on her website 3 months ago and have just been waiting on her to release it as a tube! lol You can buy it and get a license number here at CDO. 
The scrapkit I am using is called "Summer Dreams" by the Collab Girls Creations. It is FTU, and you can get it here on their blog.
I am also using Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop 3.
I have also provided a template of this tag for your convinence. You can download it here.

Insert your main tube between the water and frame raster.
Add your name and copyright.
Copy you tube and paste as a new layer resized by about 170%; sharpen image, copy and paste as a new layer and mirror.
Take the 2 large versions of your tube and place them between the frame and ocean background rasters. Center them so that the faces are in the frames of the 2 side frames.
View->Layer-> None; select the 2 large tubes so that they are visible. Then merge-> visible (merging the rasters together). Lower the opacity to 50.
Allow the frame raster to be visible. Using the selection tool cut of any part of the larger tubes that are sticking out of the frames.
View-> None; Select the new merged (with the 2 larger tubes), ocean, background, back elements, mask, and background.
Copy Merged (shift+ctrl+L)
Go to Animation Shop (A.S)… Edit-> Paste as a New Image
Back to PSP…
(1)    Select the raster that has your 2 larger tubes merged. Lower the opacity to 46, Copy Merged
(2)    A.S… “ctrl+L”  (adds the new frame)

Repeat 1 and 2, but each time lower the opacity.
I choose to do it 46, 42, 38, 34, 30, 26, 22, 18, 14, 10, and 6
Note: This gives the fading appearance a smoother look.

In A.S…. Edit -> Select All;  Ctrl+C (to copy selected)

Then Animation-> Reverse Frames;  Edit-> Select None;  Scroll at the bottom until you reach frame 12 and then select it. Then “Paste After Current Frame” ….
There should be a Total of 24 frames
Now minimize that animation.
Now back PSP
View-> None; deselect Name, Copyright, Top flowers, water, tube, and frame rasters so that they are visible.
Select water raster…. Effects-> Alienskin Eye Candy 5: Nature-> Ripples

Copy Merged
A.S…….. Edit-> Paste as a New Animation

(1)    Back to PSP, undo effect
(2)     Redo effect, but select random speed to change the appearance slightly
(3)    Back to A.S., “Ctrl+L” to add a new frame
Repeat 1-3 until you have 24 frames like the 1st animation…
In A.S…. edit-> select all;   Ctrl+C
Go Back to first animation; edit-> select all; select propagate paste; then “paste into selected frames”
Now line it up.
Animation-> Frame Properties… 18.

Your DONE!!!! Now you can view your animation! I hope you have enjoyed this!!! Please feel free to send my your creations and I will be thrilled to show them on my blog!!! Just email them to me at


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