Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finally lol... "Bad Omen"--FTU Tut

Sorry to take so long guys, but this past week was midterms for me. Did good on all of them so everything is a go, and HOPEFULLY I will be graduating in May with my Bachelor's ... Concentration in Human Services! YAY! Ok so on to the tut!

If you guys haven't noticed I am a big Scarlet Gothica fan.. You can get this tube and a license at Dreamscape Imaging here.
 The scrapkit I used is a freebie from Jessica at Gothic Inspirations and you can get it here.
I am also using Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 and Animation Shop 3. 
My filters I am using are Xenofex 2 and EyeCandy 4000. Sorry I can't share those.

I have also provided a template of this tutorial, there are some good screenshots in there that might be helpful to you. Also, the roses in this tut were not provided in the scrapkit... I was something that I added to it. It is really only one rose that I colorized and duplicated several times. It is also in the template I have provided for you. You can get it here.

Add the tube you wish to use, add your name, and copyright. 
Select the sky raster and use the rectangle selection tool and outline the sky image.

With the sky outlined add a new raster. Make sure that new raster is located right above the sky raster.
Flood fill the raster layer inside the selection with a bluish gray color. Lower the opacity to 30.
Make sure only layers showing are background, mask, merged, and sky.
Select the sky layers and use Effects-> Xenofex2 ->little fluffy clouds.

Sky raster selected, effects-> xenofex2-> lightening

Copy Merged->Go to Animation shop (A.S.)-> paste as a new image, then “ctrl+L” , to add the same frame again. There should now be 2 frames
Back to PSP, undo lightening, and cloud effects. Redo light puffy clouds, but this time select “random speed”. Redo lightening but this time move the points for to change the placing of the lightening and change random speed
Copy Merged
Back to A.S.  and Ctrl+L twice
Back to PSP
Undo clouds and lightening. Redo clouds and lightening. Redo clouds and lightening (change random speed on both) and change lightening ‘s placement
Copy Merged
A.S. ctrl+L twice (total of 6 frames)
Back to PSP
Layers-> View-> None; deselect your new raster with the 30 opacity so that it is the only one visible
Eye Candy 4000-> HSB Noise

Copy merged
A.S. -> paste as a new animation
1) Back to PSP undo HSB Noise, redo with random speed. Copy Merged
2) A.S. crtl+L
Do 1-2 until you have a total of 6 frames like  in your first animation. This makes your rain.

On both animations “Edit-> select all”
Go to the rain and copy; then back to the 1st animation, (make sure “propagate past” is selected) then “paste into selected frame”. Line up the rain on top of the sky.
Back to PSP
Layers-> View-> None; deselect the top merged raster, frame, and web, Name and copyright.
Copy Merged
Back to A.S. “past into selected frame” (make sure propagate past is on)
Edit-> Select all… then Animation-> frame properties and change to 15.
Now you are ready to animate!
Hope you enjoyed this! If you try it out and like it… feel free to email it to me at and I will put it on my blog!

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