Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love Song- FTU Tut

The romantic tube I chose is a gorgeous piece of art created by Scarlet Gothic. You can buy this tube and get a licence number here. The scrapkit is a freebie from DigiScrapbooking and you can get it here. The mask I used was created by Laurie and you can get it on her blog along with tons of other beautiful masks. You can go here to get it. I am using Jasc Paint Shop 9. My filters are MuraMiesters Copies and Eye Candy 3 Glow.
Also for a EASY tag I have provided a template so all you really have to do is put in your tube ;) . You can get it here.

Ok first thing that I am going to explain is how to may the frame. Go to the scrapkit and open the turquoise flower. Resize 15%. Add drop shadow (4, 4, 40, 4). Now go to effect and select the MuraMiesters Copies and your settings should be as follows:
 (if you cant see it I have provided a screenshot in the supplies that I provided you with)

Open the leaves you want from the kit to be your frames background (I used the silver ones) and resize them accordingly. Add drop shadow. Repeat steps with MuraMiesters Copy. 
Now bring the flowers' raster to the top so that the flowers are in front of the leaves.
Now open the red bow from the kit. And repeat steps with MuraMiesters, but this time change the number from 18 to 6.
Select the leaves raster.
Take the lasco (freehand selection tool) and trace around the middle of the leaves so that all the inside half of them is inside the selection. Delete. This will make it so that only the outside of the leaves are visible and there are no leaves inside the middle of the frame.

Now make it so the only 3 rasters that are visible are the flowers, leaves, and bows. Merge Visible to make your frame.

Now to place the tube inside of the frame.
Select your tube and resize it accordingly. Now arrange it over the frame. Add your drop shadow and copy it. Take the magic wand and select inside the frame. Selections-> modify-> expand by 4.
Selection-> Invert. Make sure the tube layer is selected now and click "delete". Arrange the frame raster so it is on top of the tube raster. Now "Paste as a new layer". Your second tube image should appear and put it on top of the frame raster. Line of the second tube on top of the original tube. Use your freehand selection tool to get rid of the excess tube so that it gives your tag a 3D look.

Now go through and select the items you would like in the background and start creating you tag.

Once you have gotten you tag how you like it add your copyright and your name. Convert your name vector to a raster layer.
Effects-> EyeCandy 3-> Glow:

now just add your drop shadow to your text.

Thats it! Hope you enjoyed this. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.



  1. I went to look for the scrapkit you used in this tutorial,(love song) but I cant see it anywhere and I cant see the name of it here,

    Can you help please hun

  2. Hun I cant find it on the site myself.. They must have taken it down. The majority of those kits are pay to use, but I found this kit in my sis's group as a freebie. And when I got it, it was a freebie. Unfortunately, when I go to look now I cant find it. They must have turned it to a freebie because they were getting ready to discontinue it. Sorry hun. But I have a link to be able to download the template to this one. You are more than welcome to download it :)