Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love Potion-FTU Tut

I am using Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 (PSP) and Jasc Animation Shop 3 (A.S.).
One of my favorite artist to use is Scarlet Gothica, and this just happens to be one of her tubes :) She is primarily pay-to-use, but she does have some free-to-use tubes out there. This is one of them; however, I do not have permission to give them to you myself, but you can join "Dragon's Lair Tubes" (which is a yahoo group). They have permission to distribute them, and you can get Scarlet Gothica plus TONS of other artists as well.
This scrapkit I am using is one by "PokaDotScraps" called "Vampire Diaries" and you can get it here.
The mask I am using is by "Laurie Made Me Scraps". She has ALOT of very fancy and artistic masks on her blog and you can get them here.
The effects I am going to use is AlienSkin EyeCandy 5: Nature Ripples and Smoke.
Also to make things alittle easier for you I am also giving you a template of this tag. That way all you have to do is add your tube and animation!!! :) You can get that here.
The first thing you need to do after you download the template is select what tube you want to use and insert it into the tag. To do this use the lasco selection tool, select the frame raster, and paste your tube as a new image. Go to selections and invert, then delete. This will get rid of any excess tube from around the outside of the frame. Now add your tube again, but this time don't select the frame (you want this raster to be on top of the fram to give it a 3d effect). Now with your freehand selection tool trace around the bottom part of the tube, so when you delete the selection only the top half of the tube is still sticking out. This will make her look like the bottom half of her is inside the frame, and the top is outside the frame. This effect will give you a 3D look ;) .
Add your copyright and name.

Ok here is the fun part!!!! We get to make the love potion brew! Using the free selection tool trace inside the glass so the the top of the liquid is selected.

(I have included these screen shots in the floder with the template incase you need to get a larger and closer look)

Now go to your effects and select AlienSkin EyeCandy 5:Nature Ripples.
and your settings should be as the following:

(Make sure that "Create Outside of Selection" is NOT selected)
Now got to AlienSkin EyeCandy 5: Nature Smoke and do the following:

Now select Ok

Ok.. you are now ready to start the actual animation!

Copy Merged your image (ctrl+shift+C).
Go to your A.S.
edit->paste as a new animation

go back to PSP
undo the last 2 effects, but this time when you go to redo them select "Random Speed" and it will slightly alter the effect (when you do this a couple of times that is how you get the flow for your animation).
After you have redone the effects Copy Merged (ctrl+shift+C).

Go to A.S.
and hit Ctrl+L to insert the new frame :)

now go back to PSP and undo and redo the effects (selection random speed each time), Then go to A.S. and insert the new frame. Do this 5-7 times till you get your desired look.

Now in A.S. after you have all your frames added, go to Edit-Select All. Then go to Animation, then Frame Properties. You want to change this amount to 15. This will slow down how fast your animation is going to provide a more wispy steam then a fast one... Now you can animate!

I hope you have enjoyed this! Feel free to email me your creation or leave me a comment!


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