Sunday, December 5, 2010

Starry Night- FTU Tut

In this tut, I am using Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop 3.
The plugins I am using is "dsb flux-> bright noise". 
This cute tube is by the very creative artist Joan Pelaez. You can purchase her tube and a license here (unfortunately CILM is closing at the end of Dec 2010).  
The FTU scrap-kit that I used was a freebie provided by the Gothic Blog Train. You can get it here. Thanks!
I have also provide some animated supplies and a template of this tag. You can get them here

Alright go to your Paint Pro Shop (PSP) and open up the template that I have provided for you.
Decided what tube you would like to use, resize it, and place it into the tag. 
Now add your copyright.
When you put you name on the tag you can just drag and rotate it it make it look right on the tag.
Now here come the fun part!!! ANIMATING IT!!!

Go to "Layers->view->none" select the red X next to "Raster 1, Mask, and Sky". (This will deselect it so that those layers are the only ones visible.)
"Edit-> Copy Merged" (ctrl+shift+C)

Go to Animation Ship (A.S.)
Open the starry sky animation that I have provided for you.
It has 5 frames so you are going to have 5 frames in you tag.
So go to "Edit->Paste as a New Animation"
Duplicate it 4 times for a total of 5 frames so that it and the starry sky have the same amount of frames.

Go to the starry sky and "Edit-> select all" and "copy".
Back to your tag animation and "Edit-> Select All" and "propagate paste" (MAKE SURE THIS REMAINS SELECTED FOR THE REST OF THE TAG)
Then "Edit-> Paste into Selected Frames"
(The sky isn't going to fit the tag so what you will do is paste it a total of 4 times and sort of tile it in)

Back to PSP
Deselect your copyright, name, Christmas Elements, and your tube's rasters.
"Copy Merged"

Back to A.S. 
Go to your tag's animation
"edit-> select all"
"edit-> paste into selected frames"
Now line it up so that it fits just right

Back to PSP
"Layer->view-> none"
Deselect the ornaments raster

 .Make sure the ornaments raster is selected. "Effects-> Plugins -> dsb flux-> intensity set at 60 and mixed. Copy Merged.

Back to A.S... "Edit-> Paste as a New Animation"

1. Back to PSP.... Undo effect and redo with the intensity at 65. Copy Merged
2. Back to A.S.... make sure the ornament animation is selected and hit "Ctrl+L" to add your new frame.

Now do 1-2 repeatedly but changing the intensity each time... Use 70, 75, and then finally 65. 
You should have 5 frames with that animation. 
Now "edit->select all" and "Copy"

Go to your tag's animation
And "edit->select all" and then "paste into selected frame"
and align it so that it looks good on the tree..

Now you can look at your animation! I hope you really enjoyed this!!!! THANK YOU FOR CHECKING IT OUT!!!! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them or you can email me.

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  1. Hi hun, it's Jessica (Gothic Inspirations). Just wanted to say thank you for working with my freebie kit. You did a stunning job. Huggers, Jess