Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fading in Venice- FTU Tutorial

I am using Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop 3.
The effect plugins I am using is "Eye Candy 4000".
The beautiful and original kit I am using is called "Venice at Midnight" by Kristi, and you can get it here.
The GORGEOUS tube I am using is by Jessica Galbreth, and you can purchase it and a license here at CILM. (unfortunately they will be closing at the end of Dec. 2010). 
And I have also prepared a supplies folder for you to download that has a template of this tag to make it more user friendly ;) . You can get that here.

First thing is first... Decide what tube you would like to use, resize it accordingly, and add it as a new layer into the tag.
Select the frame raster and use the "free hand selection tool" that looks like a lasso. 
Click inside the frame so that the  marching ants are around the black inside the frame
Go back to your tube and resize it to make it bigger.
Copy and insert it into the tag as a new layer. 
Go to "Selections->invert"
hit "Delete" on your keyboard and this will delete any extra tube (so that it fits in the frame.).
Go back to "Selections->Invert" so that the inside of the frame is selected again
Make sure the raster layer for the tube inside the frame is selected.
Set the opacity to 70. 
Go to "Effects->Eye Candy 4000->Glass"

"Edit->Copy Merged" (ctrl+shift+C) 

Now here comes the fun Animating part!!!! :D
Open Animation Shop (A.S.)
"Edit->Paste as a New Animation"

1.Back to PSP and drop the tube in the frames opacity to 68.
"Copy Merged"
2. Back to A.S. and at the new frame by hitting Ctrl+L.

Now do steps 1 and 2 repeatedly dropping the opacity by 2 each time until you get to 10 opacity which will be your last frame(ex: 68, 66, 64, 62, 61, 60, 58, etc).
This will give it a smooth fading look.
There should be a total of 31 frames.

Now in A.S
"Edit-> Select All"
"Animation->frame properties-> 18"
with all frames selected
Copy (ctrl+C)
De-select Frames

"Edit->Paste as a New Animation"
"Edit->select all->reverse frames"

Go back to original animation
Select the last frame
"Edit-> Paste-> After current frame"

Now you can animate. Hope you enjoyed this one!!!!
Thanks for checking it out. 
Any questions or comments you can leave them below or email me.

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