Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dark Christmas ~ FTU Tutorial

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9
Jasc Animation Shop 3
Effect Plugins used are “DSB Flux: Bright Noise” and “Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Nature”
The scrapkit I used was a BEAUTIFUL one that was created at “Designs by Vaybs”. It was SO FUN to create with. There are TONS of wonderfully delightful elements. You can get it at her blog HERE.
The kit I used was by Anna Marine, and in case you guys haven’t figured out I LOVE HER WORK and LOVE using it! Lol. You can purchase it HERE at CILM until the 31st of December, because then they are going to close. I’m not sure where she will be selling after that, but if any of you guys know please let me know J .
And also for quick work for this tutorial, I have provided the template and the animated snow for you guys and you can get it HERE.


First open the template that I provided and add your tube, copyright, and name.
Then, deselect (by clicking the red “X” by each raster to make them visible) Vector 1, Raster 1, mask, and snowflakes.
Select the Snowflakes,
(1.)“Effects->DSB Flux-> Bright Noise -> settings are Intensity:50 with mix selected
“Copy Merged” (Ctrl+Shift+C)
(2.)Go to A.S. and “Edit-> Paste as a New Animation”
Back to PSP
Undo the previous effect and redo it with intensity set at 55 and mixed.
“Copy Merged”
Back to A.S.
to add a new frame to your animation hit “Ctrl+L”
Now redo steps 1-2, but change the intensity each time:
60, 65, 60, 55, 65, 70, 75, 65
(there should be a total of 10 frames in this animation… this is important because the animated snow provided has 10 frames)
Go to “Layers->View->None”
Deselect the Christmas tree, outside scene, snowman, and gifts (the gifts that appear on the left side) rasters so only they are visible.
“Copy Merged”
Go to A.S.

Now in A.S.
 open up the snow provided.
Go to “Edit-> Select all” then “Edit-> Propagate Paste” (Propagate Paste is VERY important.. make sure this step remains selected though out the rest of this process)
Now “Edit-> Paste into Selected Frame”
Line up this accordingly.
Open up the Snow Animation that is provided.
“Edit-> Select All”
“Copy” (Ctrl+C)
Then go back to your Tag animation (make sure every frame is still selected)  and “Edit-> Paste into Selected Frame” and line it up so the snow is covering the outside scene.
Back to PSP
“Layers-> View-> None”
Deselect your Copyright, your name (both of which you added to the tag, frame, gifts, bows and candles, and your tube rasters so they are all now the only ones that are visible.
Now select the Bows and Candles raster.
Use the “freehand selection tool” (looks like a lasso) and freehand a circle at the base of the flames of each candle.

“Effects-> Plugins-> Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Nature -> Fire-“

Select these settings and OK
“Copy Merged”
Go to A.S.
“Edit-> Paste as New Animation”
Back to PSP
(1.)Undo the effect, then go back and redo it, but this time when you going to select “Random Speed” (this will change the “flicker” of the candle) then OK.
“Copy Merged”
(2.)Then go back to A.S.
to add a new frame to your animation hit “Ctrl+L”
Redo steps 1 and 2 until you have a total of 10 frames.
Now “Edit-> Select All” and “Copy”
Go to your Tag Animation and “Edit-> Paste into Selected Frame”
And line it up accordingly.
Now the BEST PART!
 You can Animate it and see your creation come to life! YAY!
I hope you enjoyed this. Please feel free to leave me a comment or email me what you did with this tag along with your website or blog and I will put it up on my blog J.
I LOVE to hear from you guys!!!!!

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