Sunday, November 14, 2010

Watery Dreams- FTU Tutorial

I used Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 to create this work of art.
In this tag I used the beautiful artwork of Zindy Nielsen and you can purchase it and a license HERE.
This very dreamy scrapkit I used was created by Kirstys Scraps and you can get it HERE.
I have also provided a template of my tag creation with this kit and you can get it HERE.

Ok lets get started.
Open up the template that I have provided you with.
Choose your tube that you wish to use and resize it accordingly.
Now place it into the tag and add  your drop shadow. The settings I like to use are 4,4,60,4.00.

Now if your tube is black and white like mine originally was you can choose to "Colorize" it. This is how you will do it...
Use your freehand selection tool with the lasso. With these settings:

Now you will trace the area that you will like to colorize like this:

(you can look at the outside of the lace where it is laced up and that is kind of an example)
To colorize her skin you go to "Adjust-->Hues and Saturation-->Colorize"

(for the skin colorization I used 18 and 38)

Then when colorizing her dress I used 180 and 38. However, if you would like the dress to be a different color you can always play around with the colorization and choose which one works best for you.

Now that your tube is colorized, just add your copy right. Convert it to a raster layer and add you drop shaddow.

Hope you enjoyed this and had fun!!!!

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