Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snowy Days-FTU Tutorial

In this tag I used a newer tube by the VERY talented artist Anna Marine. You can buy this tube and a license at CILM here.
The gorgeous scrapkit I used was a preview freebie made by Mystique Desighs, called "This Christmas" and you can get it here.

I am using Jasc Photoshop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop.

I am providing a template of this tag and the animated snow and you can get it here
(The animated snow I got from my sister Nae's blog from one of her previous tuts and you can go to her blog here)
NOTE: If you do not have Animation shop, there is also a template in there with the snow effect already added to the sky so you can still use it and have snow :D


Open one of the templates I have provided for you in the supplies (there are 2 in there... one says for animating and one says for non animation... The one for non animation already had the snow effected added to the sky, but the for animating does not because the snow effect will come from the animated snow flakes which I have also provided )

Select which tube you wish to use, resize accordingly, and place it between the "Sky" and "Outside branches" rasters. Apply a drop shaddow to your tube. My setting for a DS: 4,4,60,4.00.
Now add your tube's © and your name.

(NOTE: If you are not animating this tag then there is no other steps for you to do. This is it, but if you do wish to animate it then go to the next step)

Now we are going to make it snow!!!!! YAY lol

in PSP go to "Layers--> View--> None", Click the red "X" by the sky, bows, and background rasters (this will make only those rasters visible)
Now "Copy Merge" (ctrl+shift+C)

Open Animation Shop (AS),
open the snow I have provided and you can see that it has 10 frames.
Now go to "Edit-->Paste--> As a New Animation"
Your Copy Merged image will appear. Now you need to go to "Edit-->Duplicate"
(you will do this 9 times: giving you 9 duplicates + your original =10 frames)

Go back to the snow and "Edit-->Select all" then "Edit-->Copy"

Now back to your slides and "edit--> select all" then "edit --> prapogate" (this step is important because if you dont then your images will only post to the first frame )
select the first frame, "edit-->Paste" into the the selected frame
Make sure the snow is center up with the blue sky

go back to PSP
"Layers--> View--> All"
Now go select the eye by the sky, bows, and background rasters (this will put the red X over them so they are no longer visible)
Now Copy Merge the image

Back to AS
"Edit-->Select All" and "Edit--> Paste into selected frame"
Line up the image so that the snow is seen through the window just right.

Now you can view your image :)

Hope you have had fun and I will see you back next time!!!!!!


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