Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi all and Welcome!!!
I am just starting this up so please bare with me.
This blog of mine is going to be dedicated to others who are as addicted to PSP (Paint Pro Shop 9 is what I use) like me. I have only been PSPing for about 2 months now, but hey.. I LOVE DOING IT and learning too!!! My sis Nae (you can go to her blog here) got me addicted to it! 
ALOT of what I will have on here is VERY BASIC tutorials. When I say basic I mean I will put together everything and put up a template for you ;)  ... I hope that by doing that it will help either PSPers who are just beginning and are not that advanced or just PSPers who are busy and need a quick through together. :)  I will also offer up some links to good FREE scrapkits I find. I love creating tags and just want to do this for fun and to help others. I will get everything up and running fairly soon... It might just take me a minute because I have never done a blog before, but I'm a quick learner so it shouldn't take me long ;) Thanks for checking me out!!!!


Also I am a co-administrator in an AWSOME group that my big sister started... It is a VERY ACTIVE group so if you are looking for ALOT of freebies, PSP help, conversation, and FUN... COME JOIN US at AFTERNOON-DELIGHT!!!!

Quick Sample of SOME of my art (so you guys can kind of get a feel of my style)

Hope you like what ya see and hope to see you back

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