Sunday, December 26, 2010

December's Taggers' Art

Here was Marsha's go at my tuts. I must say she did a FABULOUS JOB!!! Thanks for sharing hun! You can visit her site HERE.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dark Christmas ~ FTU Tutorial

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9
Jasc Animation Shop 3
Effect Plugins used are “DSB Flux: Bright Noise” and “Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Nature”
The scrapkit I used was a BEAUTIFUL one that was created at “Designs by Vaybs”. It was SO FUN to create with. There are TONS of wonderfully delightful elements. You can get it at her blog HERE.
The kit I used was by Anna Marine, and in case you guys haven’t figured out I LOVE HER WORK and LOVE using it! Lol. You can purchase it HERE at CILM until the 31st of December, because then they are going to close. I’m not sure where she will be selling after that, but if any of you guys know please let me know J .
And also for quick work for this tutorial, I have provided the template and the animated snow for you guys and you can get it HERE.


First open the template that I provided and add your tube, copyright, and name.
Then, deselect (by clicking the red “X” by each raster to make them visible) Vector 1, Raster 1, mask, and snowflakes.
Select the Snowflakes,
(1.)“Effects->DSB Flux-> Bright Noise -> settings are Intensity:50 with mix selected
“Copy Merged” (Ctrl+Shift+C)
(2.)Go to A.S. and “Edit-> Paste as a New Animation”
Back to PSP
Undo the previous effect and redo it with intensity set at 55 and mixed.
“Copy Merged”
Back to A.S.
to add a new frame to your animation hit “Ctrl+L”
Now redo steps 1-2, but change the intensity each time:
60, 65, 60, 55, 65, 70, 75, 65
(there should be a total of 10 frames in this animation… this is important because the animated snow provided has 10 frames)
Go to “Layers->View->None”
Deselect the Christmas tree, outside scene, snowman, and gifts (the gifts that appear on the left side) rasters so only they are visible.
“Copy Merged”
Go to A.S.

Now in A.S.
 open up the snow provided.
Go to “Edit-> Select all” then “Edit-> Propagate Paste” (Propagate Paste is VERY important.. make sure this step remains selected though out the rest of this process)
Now “Edit-> Paste into Selected Frame”
Line up this accordingly.
Open up the Snow Animation that is provided.
“Edit-> Select All”
“Copy” (Ctrl+C)
Then go back to your Tag animation (make sure every frame is still selected)  and “Edit-> Paste into Selected Frame” and line it up so the snow is covering the outside scene.
Back to PSP
“Layers-> View-> None”
Deselect your Copyright, your name (both of which you added to the tag, frame, gifts, bows and candles, and your tube rasters so they are all now the only ones that are visible.
Now select the Bows and Candles raster.
Use the “freehand selection tool” (looks like a lasso) and freehand a circle at the base of the flames of each candle.

“Effects-> Plugins-> Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Nature -> Fire-“

Select these settings and OK
“Copy Merged”
Go to A.S.
“Edit-> Paste as New Animation”
Back to PSP
(1.)Undo the effect, then go back and redo it, but this time when you going to select “Random Speed” (this will change the “flicker” of the candle) then OK.
“Copy Merged”
(2.)Then go back to A.S.
to add a new frame to your animation hit “Ctrl+L”
Redo steps 1 and 2 until you have a total of 10 frames.
Now “Edit-> Select All” and “Copy”
Go to your Tag Animation and “Edit-> Paste into Selected Frame”
And line it up accordingly.
Now the BEST PART!
 You can Animate it and see your creation come to life! YAY!
I hope you enjoyed this. Please feel free to leave me a comment or email me what you did with this tag along with your website or blog and I will put it up on my blog J.
I LOVE to hear from you guys!!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Starry Night- FTU Tut

In this tut, I am using Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop 3.
The plugins I am using is "dsb flux-> bright noise". 
This cute tube is by the very creative artist Joan Pelaez. You can purchase her tube and a license here (unfortunately CILM is closing at the end of Dec 2010).  
The FTU scrap-kit that I used was a freebie provided by the Gothic Blog Train. You can get it here. Thanks!
I have also provide some animated supplies and a template of this tag. You can get them here

Alright go to your Paint Pro Shop (PSP) and open up the template that I have provided for you.
Decided what tube you would like to use, resize it, and place it into the tag. 
Now add your copyright.
When you put you name on the tag you can just drag and rotate it it make it look right on the tag.
Now here come the fun part!!! ANIMATING IT!!!

Go to "Layers->view->none" select the red X next to "Raster 1, Mask, and Sky". (This will deselect it so that those layers are the only ones visible.)
"Edit-> Copy Merged" (ctrl+shift+C)

Go to Animation Ship (A.S.)
Open the starry sky animation that I have provided for you.
It has 5 frames so you are going to have 5 frames in you tag.
So go to "Edit->Paste as a New Animation"
Duplicate it 4 times for a total of 5 frames so that it and the starry sky have the same amount of frames.

Go to the starry sky and "Edit-> select all" and "copy".
Back to your tag animation and "Edit-> Select All" and "propagate paste" (MAKE SURE THIS REMAINS SELECTED FOR THE REST OF THE TAG)
Then "Edit-> Paste into Selected Frames"
(The sky isn't going to fit the tag so what you will do is paste it a total of 4 times and sort of tile it in)

Back to PSP
Deselect your copyright, name, Christmas Elements, and your tube's rasters.
"Copy Merged"

Back to A.S. 
Go to your tag's animation
"edit-> select all"
"edit-> paste into selected frames"
Now line it up so that it fits just right

Back to PSP
"Layer->view-> none"
Deselect the ornaments raster

 .Make sure the ornaments raster is selected. "Effects-> Plugins -> dsb flux-> intensity set at 60 and mixed. Copy Merged.

Back to A.S... "Edit-> Paste as a New Animation"

1. Back to PSP.... Undo effect and redo with the intensity at 65. Copy Merged
2. Back to A.S.... make sure the ornament animation is selected and hit "Ctrl+L" to add your new frame.

Now do 1-2 repeatedly but changing the intensity each time... Use 70, 75, and then finally 65. 
You should have 5 frames with that animation. 
Now "edit->select all" and "Copy"

Go to your tag's animation
And "edit->select all" and then "paste into selected frame"
and align it so that it looks good on the tree..

Now you can look at your animation! I hope you really enjoyed this!!!! THANK YOU FOR CHECKING IT OUT!!!! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them or you can email me.

Fading in Venice- FTU Tutorial

I am using Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop 3.
The effect plugins I am using is "Eye Candy 4000".
The beautiful and original kit I am using is called "Venice at Midnight" by Kristi, and you can get it here.
The GORGEOUS tube I am using is by Jessica Galbreth, and you can purchase it and a license here at CILM. (unfortunately they will be closing at the end of Dec. 2010). 
And I have also prepared a supplies folder for you to download that has a template of this tag to make it more user friendly ;) . You can get that here.

First thing is first... Decide what tube you would like to use, resize it accordingly, and add it as a new layer into the tag.
Select the frame raster and use the "free hand selection tool" that looks like a lasso. 
Click inside the frame so that the  marching ants are around the black inside the frame
Go back to your tube and resize it to make it bigger.
Copy and insert it into the tag as a new layer. 
Go to "Selections->invert"
hit "Delete" on your keyboard and this will delete any extra tube (so that it fits in the frame.).
Go back to "Selections->Invert" so that the inside of the frame is selected again
Make sure the raster layer for the tube inside the frame is selected.
Set the opacity to 70. 
Go to "Effects->Eye Candy 4000->Glass"

"Edit->Copy Merged" (ctrl+shift+C) 

Now here comes the fun Animating part!!!! :D
Open Animation Shop (A.S.)
"Edit->Paste as a New Animation"

1.Back to PSP and drop the tube in the frames opacity to 68.
"Copy Merged"
2. Back to A.S. and at the new frame by hitting Ctrl+L.

Now do steps 1 and 2 repeatedly dropping the opacity by 2 each time until you get to 10 opacity which will be your last frame(ex: 68, 66, 64, 62, 61, 60, 58, etc).
This will give it a smooth fading look.
There should be a total of 31 frames.

Now in A.S
"Edit-> Select All"
"Animation->frame properties-> 18"
with all frames selected
Copy (ctrl+C)
De-select Frames

"Edit->Paste as a New Animation"
"Edit->select all->reverse frames"

Go back to original animation
Select the last frame
"Edit-> Paste-> After current frame"

Now you can animate. Hope you enjoyed this one!!!!
Thanks for checking it out. 
Any questions or comments you can leave them below or email me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Watery Dreams- FTU Tutorial

I used Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 to create this work of art.
In this tag I used the beautiful artwork of Zindy Nielsen and you can purchase it and a license HERE.
This very dreamy scrapkit I used was created by Kirstys Scraps and you can get it HERE.
I have also provided a template of my tag creation with this kit and you can get it HERE.

Ok lets get started.
Open up the template that I have provided you with.
Choose your tube that you wish to use and resize it accordingly.
Now place it into the tag and add  your drop shadow. The settings I like to use are 4,4,60,4.00.

Now if your tube is black and white like mine originally was you can choose to "Colorize" it. This is how you will do it...
Use your freehand selection tool with the lasso. With these settings:

Now you will trace the area that you will like to colorize like this:

(you can look at the outside of the lace where it is laced up and that is kind of an example)
To colorize her skin you go to "Adjust-->Hues and Saturation-->Colorize"

(for the skin colorization I used 18 and 38)

Then when colorizing her dress I used 180 and 38. However, if you would like the dress to be a different color you can always play around with the colorization and choose which one works best for you.

Now that your tube is colorized, just add your copy right. Convert it to a raster layer and add you drop shaddow.

Hope you enjoyed this and had fun!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snowy Days-FTU Tutorial

In this tag I used a newer tube by the VERY talented artist Anna Marine. You can buy this tube and a license at CILM here.
The gorgeous scrapkit I used was a preview freebie made by Mystique Desighs, called "This Christmas" and you can get it here.

I am using Jasc Photoshop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop.

I am providing a template of this tag and the animated snow and you can get it here
(The animated snow I got from my sister Nae's blog from one of her previous tuts and you can go to her blog here)
NOTE: If you do not have Animation shop, there is also a template in there with the snow effect already added to the sky so you can still use it and have snow :D


Open one of the templates I have provided for you in the supplies (there are 2 in there... one says for animating and one says for non animation... The one for non animation already had the snow effected added to the sky, but the for animating does not because the snow effect will come from the animated snow flakes which I have also provided )

Select which tube you wish to use, resize accordingly, and place it between the "Sky" and "Outside branches" rasters. Apply a drop shaddow to your tube. My setting for a DS: 4,4,60,4.00.
Now add your tube's © and your name.

(NOTE: If you are not animating this tag then there is no other steps for you to do. This is it, but if you do wish to animate it then go to the next step)

Now we are going to make it snow!!!!! YAY lol

in PSP go to "Layers--> View--> None", Click the red "X" by the sky, bows, and background rasters (this will make only those rasters visible)
Now "Copy Merge" (ctrl+shift+C)

Open Animation Shop (AS),
open the snow I have provided and you can see that it has 10 frames.
Now go to "Edit-->Paste--> As a New Animation"
Your Copy Merged image will appear. Now you need to go to "Edit-->Duplicate"
(you will do this 9 times: giving you 9 duplicates + your original =10 frames)

Go back to the snow and "Edit-->Select all" then "Edit-->Copy"

Now back to your slides and "edit--> select all" then "edit --> prapogate" (this step is important because if you dont then your images will only post to the first frame )
select the first frame, "edit-->Paste" into the the selected frame
Make sure the snow is center up with the blue sky

go back to PSP
"Layers--> View--> All"
Now go select the eye by the sky, bows, and background rasters (this will put the red X over them so they are no longer visible)
Now Copy Merge the image

Back to AS
"Edit-->Select All" and "Edit--> Paste into selected frame"
Line up the image so that the snow is seen through the window just right.

Now you can view your image :)

Hope you have had fun and I will see you back next time!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bloggers Tags

Here is a WONDERFUL tag that Marsha made using my "Sweet Escape" tut and my "Tic Toc" tut!!!
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it with me! If you would like to visit Marsha's Blog page you can  go here .

And if anyone else would like to share with me what they have created with one of my tuts, I would be PROUD to also display them on my blog along with your site... just email them to me at .
Thanks for your support guys! All the positive feedback I am recieving is VERY uplifting!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet Escape FTU-Tutorial

The beautiful tube I used in this tag was by Anna Marine. You can purchase her artwork and a license at CILM here.
The FABULOUS scrapkit I used was by Scrapbooking Marzeny and you can find it here.

However if you would just like to use a template of this tag you can download that here.


Open up template from the download supplied.
Decide which Tube you would like to use. Then Resize it so it fits correctly in the tube.
If you use the same Anne Marine tube as I did you will select "Raster 3" (the frame raster).
Insert the tube as a New Layer.
Select the "Freehand Selection Tool" and trace the inside of the window frame so that you can delete the part of the tree branches that are sticking out of the side of the window (the part of the branches that are inside the marching ants are the ones that will be deleted). That way it looks like the branches are outside the window and she is inside (because her elbow will still be hanging over the frame).
Now add your copywrite and convert it to a raster layer.
Now write whatever text you wish to write (Like I did with my name).
Convert it to a raster layer. 
Go to "Effects-->Plugin--> Eye Candy 5:Nature--> Snow draft"
settings are:
Drift height: 1.62
Make sure "Start Snow Drift from Bottom" is NOT selected.
Dust on All Features: 6
Click "Random Speed"
Then, "OK"

Now the fun part... MAKING IT SNOW!!!!
(if you do not have animation shop, the template already has the look of it snowing in the background, but it is not animated)

1. In PSP select "Raster 4" (the night background on the template)

2. Go to "Effects-->Plugin--> Eye Candy 5:Nature--> Snow draft" 
settings are:
Drift height: 0
Dust on All Features: 6
Click "Random Speed"
Then, "OK"

3. Copy Merge (ctrl+shift+C)

4. Open Animation Shop and "Edit--> Paste as a New Image"

5. Go back to PSP and undo the snow effect on the night back drop that you just did.

6. Go to "Effects-->Plugin--> Eye Candy 5:Nature--> Snow draft"
settings are:
Drift height: 0
Dust on All Features: 6
Click "Random Speed"
Then, "OK"

7. Copy Merge (ctrl+shift+C)

8. Go back to Animation Shop and hit (Ctrl+L) this will add another frame to the animation.

9. Repeat steps 5-8 and do it 6-9 time... It just depends on how many frames of animation you wish to have. In mine there are 8.

10. Then go to "Edit--> Select All"

11. Go to "Animation--> Frame Properties"
change it to 20.
Then ok...

Now you can view your animation.... ITS SNOWING!!!!

Hope you found this useful!
Feel free to leave me a comment..


Friday, November 5, 2010

Hallow's Eve Goodies- Tutorial

The elements I used for this beautiful tag was from an awsome scrapkit I got from Digital Creations Shop and it is by NoShay Designs and you can get it here. Even though it is a shop it was one of their freebie downloads when I recievedt it. So login is required to get this one.
If you would just like the elements and template to this tag you may get it here.

The tube I used in this tag, is a Zindy Nielsen tube, you can purchase it and get a license here.

I am using Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop.
Open the template

Select the tube you wish to use, open it in a separate window, and resize it fit the tag accordingly. Copy it.

Then go Select the frame raster (raster 3) and click on it. Then "Edit--> Paste---> Paste Image as New Layer"

Select the Selection tool (freehand) and use the "Point to Point" option.
Select the top left inside corner of frame, to the lower inside corner of frame, to the lower part of tag, then back up to the to top left corner (this should make a box with the part of the tube you wish to delete inside it). Make sure the Tube's raster layer is selected and hit "Delete". The bottom part of the tube should be gone making it look like the bottom of the tube is sitting inside the frame.

Click "Selections --> Select None"

Select the Text tool and font of your choice. Type what you want and move it to the desired location.

Convert Vector to a Raster Layer.

Add drop shaddow... I use the settings 4, 4, 100, 4.00

With the raster selected, got to "Effects --> Plugins" (I used Eye Candy 4000).
Settings are:
Vein Size: 28.11
Vein Coverage: 58
Vein Thickness: 21
Vein Roughness: 58
Bedrock color: Black
Vein Color: #076b07
Seamless Tile deselected
Click random speed
Then "OK"

Then Copy and Merge (ctrl+shift+C)

Open Annimation Shop and Paste as a new layer

Go back to Paint Shop and undo the marble effect,

With the raster selected, got to "Effects --> Plugins" (I used Eye Candy 4000).
Settings are:
Vein Size: 28.11
Vein Coverage: 58
Vein Thickness: 21
Vein Roughness: 58
Bedrock color: Black
Vein Color: #076b07
Seamless Tile deselected
Click random speed
Then "OK"

Then Copy and Merge (ctrl+shift+C)

Then back to Annimation Shop and hit (ctrl+L) to add another new frame.

Repeat this step 3 or 4 times.. till there are about 3 or 4 frames....

Then go to "Edit--> Select All"
"Animation--> Frame Properties--> Time display 20"

Then save image...

You have just made an animated tag!!!!

If you do not have animation shop you can alway just add the tube and your writing without the animation.

Hope you enjoyed this and it helped.

Feel free to leave me a comment or message me and tell me what you thought!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tic Toc Tutorial

For this tag I used a beautiful FTU kit "Steampunked" by Vaybs and you can get it here.  Thank you!

You can get the template and mask for this tag here.

The tube I used was from the wonderful artwork of Nikki Burnette. It is a PTU tube and you can purchase it and a license at CILM.

When you decide which tube you would like to use for this tag simply resize it to the size you feel looks right. I resized this tube by 95%.

Copy the tube

Select raster layer 3. Then edit, paste a new layer. (Your tube should appear on top of the frame in Raster 3)

Give the tube a drop shadow. I use the settings 4, 4, 60, 4.00.

Make the tube raster layer invisible by click the eye beside it (a red "X" should appear).

Select the freehand tool and select the option "point to point"

Click the top left inside of the frame, then the lower bottom corner inside the fram, the lower right corner inside frame, take the cursor and click straight down toward the bottom of the tag, then the bottom left corner of the tag, then take the cursor and click the first point. Right click and the marching ants should appear to show you your indicated selected area.

Select the Tube layer and make it visible again by clicking on the eye (the red "x" should disappear).
Now just hit the "delete" key. This should delete any excess parts of the tube sticking out of the bottom of the frame.

Hope this helps and ENJOY!!!!

P.S. I am still new to writing tuts so if you have any comments or constructive critism please feel free to let me know. :)

Tic Toc

I will tut this in a few days.. so keep your eyes peeled!

Hope you like!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi all and Welcome!!!
I am just starting this up so please bare with me.
This blog of mine is going to be dedicated to others who are as addicted to PSP (Paint Pro Shop 9 is what I use) like me. I have only been PSPing for about 2 months now, but hey.. I LOVE DOING IT and learning too!!! My sis Nae (you can go to her blog here) got me addicted to it! 
ALOT of what I will have on here is VERY BASIC tutorials. When I say basic I mean I will put together everything and put up a template for you ;)  ... I hope that by doing that it will help either PSPers who are just beginning and are not that advanced or just PSPers who are busy and need a quick through together. :)  I will also offer up some links to good FREE scrapkits I find. I love creating tags and just want to do this for fun and to help others. I will get everything up and running fairly soon... It might just take me a minute because I have never done a blog before, but I'm a quick learner so it shouldn't take me long ;) Thanks for checking me out!!!!


Also I am a co-administrator in an AWSOME group that my big sister started... It is a VERY ACTIVE group so if you are looking for ALOT of freebies, PSP help, conversation, and FUN... COME JOIN US at AFTERNOON-DELIGHT!!!!

Quick Sample of SOME of my art (so you guys can kind of get a feel of my style)

Hope you like what ya see and hope to see you back