Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Fairy- FTU Tut

I used Jasc Paint Pro Shop 9 and Eye Candy 5.
This beautiful Spring kit is ftu and created by "Laurie Made Me Scraps". It is called "A walk in the woods" and you can get it HERE.
The cute  yet naughty tube in this tag is by Scarlet Gothica . This is one of her FTU tubes; however, I am not authorized to share this tube. I received it in a yahoo group I am in called "Dragon's Lair Tubes" and you can join HERE
I have provided a layout to this tag in my supplies and you can get it HERE.

Open up the supplies I have provided for you.
Delete the copyright layer.
Select the tube you want to use and insert it in to the tag.
Copy your tube and paste as a new layer. 
Mirror and Resize about 200% or what ever looks best according to your tube.
Place this new layer right beneath the frame raster but on top of the background elements.
Effects-> Artistic Effect-> Sepia Toning
Then drop the raster opacity to 65.
Convert you Name vector to a raster layer.
And which ever font you decided to use.... apply EyeCandy 5 Bevel to it using these settings.

Now you are done!!!! I hpe you enjoyed!!!! If you have tried my tut, I would appreciate it if you would share with me your result! I always love to see who is trying out my tuts... just email me at . Thanks guys!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"MidSummer's Rain" -FTU Tut

This was a tag that I REALLY enjoyed making!!!! I made it for my sis’s (Nae) group “Afternoon Delight” on Aimoo,  hince the name on the tag. It was for her Spring/Summer Challenge… and this tag one! Which was a shock to me because there are some AMAZINGLY TALENTED women in there that had made some better than mine!!!!
The really cute tube is by Archie Dicken at CDO. You can purchase it and get the license HERE.
This Kit used is a Freebie called “SunCrushed” by SeaShell Scraps.. And you can go to their blog… HERE
This Mask is one that I have used NUMEROUS times and have had it for a WHILE… I am not sure who created it… Sooo if you know PLEASE email me and let me know so I can give them credit. I use a lot of the masks that were in that folder, but I do not know what has happened to the TOU that came with them.
The filters I am using are DSB Flux and Alien Skin 5: Nature.
You can also download a template of this tut along with screenshots HERE...

**This tutorial is written for individuals with a really good concept of Paint Pro Shop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop 3.**
Open up template provided that I have provided for you.
Delete the top copyright raster.
Insert your tube.
Layers-> View-> None
View-> Background, mask. Back elements, pond
Select pond raster
Use Freehand tool to trace around the pond

Effects-> HSB Noise

Copy Merged
Open Animation Shop (A.S.)
Paste as a New Animation
Back to PSP
1)      Undo effect
2)      Redo using “Random Speed”
3)      Back to A.S.
4)      Crtl + L (to add a new frame)
Repeat 1-4 about 5 or 6 times until you have approximate 7 frames
Back to PSP
View None
Select deselect Pond and frame raster
Create a new raster in between the two.
Flood fill with a light purplish gray color (doesn’t have to be exact)
Lower opacity to about 40
Now only view this new raster and frame (hide pond raster)
Effects-> HSB Noise

Copy Merged
Open Animation Shop (A.S.)
Paste as a New Animation
Back to PSP
1)      Undo effect
2)      Redo using “Random Speed”
3)      Back to A.S.
4)      Crtl + L (to add a new frame)
Repeat 1-4 about 5 or 6 times until you have approximate 7 frames (same number as your other animation)
Now on BOTH animations
Copy the Rain animation that has the frame in it.
Go back to the first animation (MAKE SURE PROPOGATE PAST IS SELECTED)
Paste Into Selected frames and line up
Test the animation to make sure that it now looks like it is raining with rain drops dancing on the water.
Layers-> View-> None
Select the drops raster and the raster with your Copyright and Name so that they are showing.
With the drops selected.
Effects-> Alien Skin:Nature->Ripples

Copy Merged
Open Animation Shop (A.S.)
Paste as a New Animation
Back to PSP
1)      Undo effect
2)      Redo using “Random Speed”
3)      Back to A.S.
4)      Crtl + L (to add a new frame)
Do this until you have equal number frames as the other animation
Select All
Got to you animation that you created earlier and (MAKE SURE PROPOGATE PASTE IS SELECTED) paste into selected layers.
Now all of your animation should be together and you have your finished product!!!!
I hope you enjoyed this! And I am SOOO SORRY it took me so long to get this done for you guys J
Please feel free to send me your finished products at  and please use this email to send me your art because my other one is for yahoo groups and it sometimes gets lost in all the shuffle of tuts and group emails J

Friday, April 22, 2011

Taggers Tries at my Tuts... Thanks Guys for your Support!!!

These lovely tags were submitted to me by:
 Marsha aka "Flirty
And Joyce

Guys you always do such a WONDERFUL job!!!! 
I ALWAYS look forward to see your guys at work!
Thank you for your dedication and loyalty!!!

Coming Soon... "MidSummer's Rain" -FTU Tut

I am getting ready to go out for the night, but I am going to try and tut this one this weekend.
So keep your eyes peeled!!!!
Have a good weekend!

Season of Change- FTU Tut

Ok guys sorry it took so long... I have been BUSY! LOL But I got a 3 day weekend this week! YAY!!! So here we go!

I created this using Paint Pro Shop 9 and Jasc Animation Shop 3.
The tube used is by Zindy Nielsen. You can buy her beautiful artwork and get a license HERE.
This scrapkit was created by Sky at "Sky's the limit scraps". She has ALOT of gorgeous, free kits. You can it the kit I used HERE
I have had this mask for a little bit and cannot remember for the life where I got it... So if you know please email me and let me knnow. Thx
This tut has an animation in the background so I have provided a supplies folder for you to download to make it alot more convenient. It contains the animation and a template of this tag. You can download it HERE.

Ok this tut is going to be VERY basic. I did this tag weeks ago and can't remember all the exacts.

Select your tag and place it in the template provided. Copy it then past as a new layer. Resize about 150% and mirror.
Use magic wand to select inside of the frames.
Selections Invert.
Move the tube inside the frames and delete excess tube. 
Change opacity of the raster to 50.
Now put your copyright and name on it.
Layers-> View-> None
De-select the background and mask rasters  
Copy Merged

Open Animation Shop. 
Pasted as a new animation.
Crt+L (add frames until there are total of 16 frames)
You want there to be 16 frames total because the pink puff animation provided as 16 frames.

Open up the pink puff animation provided. 
Select All and Copy

Back to the animation that you just did with the background and mask. 
Select All
*Make sure "Propogate Paste" is selected*
Then "Pasted into Selected Frames"

Do this 3 Times and place them like they are in the screenshot.

Now go back to PSP and View all and EXCEPT for the background and mask raster.
Copy Merged

Back to Animation Shop.
Select the animation that you have put together... 
Copy and Paste

Your animation is now complete!!!!

I Hope ya'll enjoyed!!!!! If ya'll make one I would love to see your creations!
Just email me them to my email at

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coming Soon... "Season of Change"-FTU Tut

I saw this kit and tag and FELL IN LOVE with them. I knew I would have to do a tut! 
Unfortunately, my head is starting to pound AGAIN with this migraine I have been fighting all day. :(
 I am getting ready to go to bed so this tut will have to wait till Saturday.
So keep your eyes peeled and I will tut this later! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Black Train"-FTU Tut

In this tut, I chose to reuse one of my favorite tubes from Zindy Neilson, and you can purchase it HERE.
The amazing scrapkit I am using is a FTU and called “Beloved Memory” offered by Kara at “Sweet Cravings Scraps”. You can find it on her blog HERE.
I am not sure about the mask so if you are aware of whose it is please email me so I may give them the proper credit J
I have also supplied a template of this tag and screenshots. You can get it HERE.

If you are using the same tube… Resize it 85%.
Add drop shadow (4,4,50,4)
Select the frame raster and use the magic wand to select the inside of the frame.
Copy your tube and Paste beneath the frame raster and place it accordingly.
Selections->invert-> delete any extra part of the tube outside the frame.
Now Paste the tube again on top of the frame raster.
Lower the opacity of the top tube to about 30 (so that you can see the frame underneath) and maneuver it so that both tubes line up exactly.
Use your freehand selection tool, and delete any parts outside of the frame except the hand and hair.
Then raise the opacity of the tube to 80.
Add your name and copyright.
Now we are going to animate this tag!
Select the train raster.
Use the freehand selection tool to draw a small oval toward the top of the train’s smoke stack.
Effects-> EyeCandy 5-> Nature-> Smoke

Copy Merge
Animation Shop (A.S.)
Paste as a new animation
Back to PSP
1.       Undo Last effect and redo it, but select “random speed”.
Copy Merged
2.       Ctr+L (to add a new frame to animation)
Repeat 1-2 until there are 6 frames
Edit->Select all
Frame Properites…15
Now you are ready to animate!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy!!!
Feel free to send me any tags you create and I will add them to my blog J